Fusion Ritual Treatments

Bali Bombai Foot Ritual ..... $55.00

Your feet are placed on Salt Stones from Nepal to start the detoxification process.  After a warm foot soak with organic fresh mint and rosemary, feet are scrubbed with a lemongrass and rice mixture revealing new and soft skin.  A Balinese hot steamed herbal ball is used in a compression technique to stimulate energy points.  An Indian Ayurvedic Foot Massage follows, using a hand made copper bowl with a combination of Ghee, a purified butter from India infused with 40 different herbs.  Finished by a lemongrass lotion, your feet will be energized, detoxified, new and awakened.  (You take the herbal ball with you for home use)


Reiki Energy Healing ..... $50.00

Treatment is administered with hands placed on and around the body whereby the energy of the Universe is transferred to the client.  Healing and balancing the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual levels.