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Intense targeted treatments that deliver optimum results.


This is a mild and effective exfoliating treatment utilizing glycolic and salicylic acids to give the skin an immediate silky texture, smoothing fine, dry lines, balancing oily secretion, and rendering the skin radiant.  This treatment includes manual cleansing and a calming post gel masque. This peeling is also referred to as the Hollywood Lunch Peel, as you can return to your daily schedule immediately afterwards looking radiantly.


A most innovative and effective treatment that fights almost any kind of skin problem, as well as the symptoms of aging.  The removal of dead skin cells by micro crystals achieves an enormous regeneration.  This treatment includes manual cleansing and a calming post gel masque.



This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your skin that ‘shaves’ away the uppermost layers of your skin. Dermaplaning helps reduce the appearance of acne care or other skin imperfections by revealing newer, undamaged skin. It can make your skin look younger and is also used for that ultra fine hair removal.



This treatment is for customers who want a bit more, for example a gentle complexion refresher, increased absorption of active ingredients or effective hydration of the skin- to mention but a few of the many possibilities.


ENERGY PEEL …. $ 200

This is a treatment that keeps its promise- it gives kin a surge of energy that is immediately noticeable. It’s a well-directed intensive treatment for skin in need of regeneration. The activation of the blood circulation and metabolism results in natural skin improvements. Can be performed as an intensive treatment four times per year.



This is a biological peeling method, with the help of mother nature the ageing processes of the skin can be counteracted, the complexion refreshed, the regeneration of the skin triggered, and the renewal of the skin initiated on a purely natural basis. This peel is for hyper pigmentation, surgical and acne scars, irregularities in skin tone, dehydration lines, crepe-dry skin, sun damage, coarse skin features, age spots, retextures rough skin.  This peeling creates fabulous new skin in five days.


SWICH PEEL …. $ 175

All the benefits of a chemical peel without the damage or downtime. This unique alternative to a chemical peel redefines how we treat mature skin. Swich takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism to help restore its optimal appearance without injury.



A relaxing treatment to target the one area of the body often ignored.  It includes brush cleansing, a deep pore pumpkin or herbal enzyme peel, exfoliation, and extractions along with a massage and a specialty mask to suit your needs.


SKIN TAG, MILEA, WART, AND MOLE REMOVAL (starting at) …. $ 35

Do you have those fleshy tags on your neck, underarms or elsewhere on your body? Moles, Mileas and warts in places you do not want them?  We offer e free evaluation of these problems and have nice, smooth skin once again. We use a 100% natural approach with Cashew Nuts that involves NO cutting, scarring, bleeding, or burning.  Topical application only- guaranteed for permanent removal!

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