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Visage Detox Escape $90.00
Start with an Aqua detox foot session to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from your body.  Next experience a full body detox inside our Infra Red Detox Blanket
Essential Beginnings $130.00

A relaxing spa experience to combat daily stresses.  A Visage Spa Aromatherapy Facial and a Full Body Swedish massage.

Bali Zen $200.00

This package designed for its total relaxation benefits - creating an all over well being sensation.  A complete dry body brushing eliminates dead skin cells.  A Balinese hot herbal Zen compress is the beginning of the relaxation process.  Next a ninety minute Hot Stone massage for deep muscle relaxation.  This fusion session is concluded with a thirty minute hot oil scalp massage. 

Global Fusion Jewel $220

A magnificent new Spa experience!  Utilizing the most advanced European, African and Asian Products, this package sends your soul and senses around the world.  Treat your face to a cool ultra hydrating bamboo facial.  After a Bali Bombay Foot Ritual we continue your spa journey with a Jamu Body Scrub. 

Royal Spa Day $370

An unforgettable experience, this most exclusive and popular package begins with our Macadamia Nut Body scrub from Australia , leaving the skin soft and smooth. While the skin is nourished with Macadamia Nut oil, a traditional sacred hot stone massage relaxes you as heated stones glide over aromatherapy infused olive oil. We continue your Royal Spa Day with an Oxygen Facial that treats the décolletage and face with optimal minerals and vitamins. To complete your heavenly day, we follow with a Visage Ultimate Spa Pedicure and a Luxury Manicure.

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