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Massage and Body Treatments

Classic Swedish Massage

This massage originated in Europe and includes a combination or single technique of relaxation, deep tissue and therapeutic sports strokes, to soothe tired achy muscles, increase circulation and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Each massage session includes an intake with your therapist to discuss your medical assessment, your goals and desired results for your massage.

30 minutes ……… $ 45.00

60 minutes ……… $ 70.00 

90 minutes ……… $ 100.00


Deep Tissue and Sport Massage

Basic (60 Minutes) .......... $75.00

Ultimate (90 Minutes) .......... $105.00


Western Indian.....$85.00

Handed down from the ancient traditions of India, this treatment begins with a full body dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and is followed by a relaxing full body massage. This treatment aids in the elimination of toxins and deeply nourishes the skin.

Heated Sacred Stone Massage

Let the warmth, the weight and the hypnotic gliding of these magical, warm river stones radiate throughout your body.  The heated stones are used in conjunction with traditional massage techniques and are also placed on the body to relieve tension and stress.  Indulge in this deeply relaxing and harmonious treatment, leaving you with a gratifying, unforgettable, all-sense experience.

60 minutes ………. $95.00

90 minutes ……… $115.00


Massage for Pregnant Ladies.....$75.00

A special massage for pregnant women.  Gentle, relaxing treatment for ladies after their fourth month.


Detox Body Wrap.....$75.00

The entire body is wrapped in warm bandages that have been soaked in an herbal formula from Switzerland.  This process aids in the elimination of toxins, water retention, tightens skin, prevents cellulite and looses inches by activating and stimulating the entire lymphatic system.  Optimal results for military ‘measuring’.  Most successful weight loss is obtained when done in a series of six sessions.


Macadamia Nut Body Scrub.....$90.00

This traditional Australian treatment is used for softening and purifying the entire body. Dead cells are removed with a  stimulating massage with Macadamia Nut Oil.  Next a sugar and macadamia oil scrub with lime blossom that brightens dull and dry skin.. 


Hand and Foot Reflexology- alternative medicine....$45.00

From Germany, deeply relaxing, reflexology is especially known to reduce the many effects of stress. This method of reflexology is also used as an alternative diagnosis in Europe


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