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Facial Treatments


The following specialized facials also include a complimentary hand,  Hungarian Shoulder and Neck Massage. 


Classic European Facial.....$75.00

This is the original and the most popular 60 minutes of result oriented skin rejuvenation treatment customized for your particular type of skin.  Ozone and vapazone steaming, two surface pore cleansings, an exfoliation, light extractions, toning followed with a facial and décolletage massage with a masque to suit your skin.  Completed with an appropriate hydrating or nourishing crème.

Hydromagnetic Facial......$80.00

This unique facial has pure essential oils, anti oxidants, soothing emollients and deep cleansing sea muds that nourish, brighten , hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Special magnetic minerals help increase blood circulation, refine pores and improve the skin's appearance.

Ultra Hydrating Facial..... $90

This is considered 'the face lift' facial. Seaweed harvested off the coast of Normandy in France creates a super tight 'lifting' effect while super moisturizing the skin. A European Favorite!


Back Facial.....$80.00

A relaxing treatment to target the one area of the body often ignored.  It includes a brush cleansing, a deep pore pumpkin or herbal enzyme peel, exfoliation, and extractions along with a massage and a specialty mask to suit your needs.90.00

By using the most advanced European skincare, this is a magnificent skin care experience. Treat your face to a cool and soothing facial that refines lines dramatically and reveals a youthful, vibrant skin texture. This treatment renews skin by using a customized, rubberized, hydrating, lift-off masque that also includes the delicate eye area. The Hydra Facial experience hydrates skin with a specific ampoule from France. A rich nourishing crème facial massage is performed with heated bamboo sticks. This is one of our most popular facials that is specifically targeted for anti-aging.


Oxygen  Facial.....$95.00

Designed as a healing tool to improve the appearance of the skin, Oxygen Therapy utilizes the latest biotechnology.  It is scientifically proven to eliminate erythma (redness) and irritation, and fights the bacteria associated with acne. During this procedure, pure oxygen mist is sprayed or pumped in the basal layer of the skin to restore optimal skin health. You'll achieve a dramatic reduction in the appearance of irritated, dry skin from Microdermabrasion, laser or acid peel procedures. Or just receive better circulation and give a glow to tired, sallow skin. Oxygen therapy is also used to deliver antioxidants to the skin, and protects the epidermis from sun damage, pollution and stress.  This treatment includes a heated bamboo stick massage. An amazing facial with long lasting results.


The following facials do not include a massage due to the intensity of the treatments. 


Acne  Facial.....$105.00

This results oriented deep pore cleansing facial applies three cleaners; next an enzyme peel with steam to melt away impurities.  Extractions are performed, this is a

very effective and intensive treatment for adult and teenage acne.  Includes, deep pore cleansing, extractions, proteolytic enzyme treatment and a specialized AHA glycolic peeling to combat acne and break outs.   



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